Green Room (2016)

An independent marvel from the creator of Blue Ruin, Green Room brings the punk ethic to film making which succeeds in a unique suspense driven Punks vs Nazis thriller.

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We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011)

Awe inspiring cinematography demonstrates that optics are the very essence of film making. Camera work and shot selection replaces dialogue in this gripping family-based thriller.

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Black Mass (2015)

A slow and plotless drag of a film that lacks any form of character development or any detailed plot line. Depp is average in a role that feels as if it was written for someone without his talents.

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Faults (2014)

An SXSW indie flick that deserves more praise than it gets. The exit-therapy plot makes for an engaging and aesthetically minimalist thriller.

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Sympathy for Mr Vengeance (2002)

A beautifully shot action-thriller that acts as a fantastic beginning to a much loved trilogy, and highlights the importance of Asian cinema in the action thriller genre.

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