Green Room (2016)

An independent gem from the creator of cult classic Blue Ruin, Green Room brings the punk ethic to film making and succeeds in forging a unique suspense driven Punks vs Nazis thriller.

A film that fell largely below the radar this spring, Jeremy Saulnier’s follow up to the cult classic Blue Ruin is already gearing up to be an independent success. Anton Yelchi and Alia Shawkat star as Pat and Sam, members of Ain’t Rights, a struggling hardcore band who accept a gig to a boots and braces crowd to make enough money for their petrol back to Arlington.

Unbeknownst to Ain’t Rights something sinister has happened in the green room during their set which leaves them trapped, having to fight their way to freedom past an army of skinheads led by venue owner Darcy, portrayed by Patrick Stewart in a wholly different role for the veteran actor. Teaming up with Amber (Imogen Poots), a young girl caught up in the skinhead circle, the band form a plan that hopes to see them all make it out in one piece as Darcy tells them “You’re trapped – that’s not a threat, just a fact”.

This stunning horror/thriller avoids many standard tropes and inevitabilities that much of the genre brings, keeping it fresh and unpredictable for the whole ninety minutes. Interjected with equal parts gore and suspense, Green Room is on par with Tarantino’s Kill Bill for its stomach wrenching violence, and Ben Wheatley’s Kill List for its clever suspenseful script. It tells of the extremist right that exists in the American countryside and the drug-rings rife within those circles. Saulnier have created an incredible film with a young cast that is bound to make waves this year.

Horror fan or not, the film is a stand out hit from early 2016. It juxtaposes black comedy with extreme violence that harks back to Saulnier’s Murder Party, a black-comedy gore classic. If you’re a fan of independent cinema Green Room is a must see, just maybe don’t eat while you’re watching it…



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