Looking Forward: 2016

Here are some films I’m excited to see in the cinema, released in early 2016. Some of these, such as Son of Saul are long awaited films that saw limited release on other shores in 2015, but don’t grace the British silver-screen till the new year.


  1. Son of Saul – Hungarian tearjerker and multi-award winning holocaust based film.

  2. Hail, Caesar! – The Cohen Brothers next venture is bound to be hilarious.

  3. The Hateful 8 – Tarantino’s eighth film is already recieving rave reviews.

  4. Deadpool – Because… it’s… DEADPOOL – F**K

  5. The Witch – Independent horror film already receiving deserved attention.

  6. High-Rise – British director Ben Wheatley has employed Tom Hiddleston for his A Field in England follow-up.

  7. Spotlight – Multi-awarding winning investigative journalism festival film.

  8. Triple 9 – Lawless director John Hillcoat’s new crime thriller.


Man it should be a good start to 2016!


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