Blue Season (2013) – A Short

An interesting short with a fairly obvious twist but highlights Ridley’s acting talent and the unique stories short films can offer. 

Every week I aim to recommend a short film that may be missed by people who do not give the medium the recognition it deserves. This week is an amateur short Blue Season which was created in response for a 48 hour sci-fi short film challenge. Clocking in at five minutes it is worth a viewing, even if it is to see the debut of Star Wars’ new heroine.

Given the brief below the filmmakers had an uphill battle, to make a sci-fi film that perfectly fits this. While the use of the line is too clunky and forced, the prop is used perfectly giving the story a much needed interesting finale.

Is there ever a circumstance where hanging
upside down can be a good sign?

A piece of A4 paper – a character reads what
is written on it, folds it up and puts it in a bag
or pocket.

While many of the films I will recommend in this segment are incredible, cinematic shorts that push the boundaries of the genre, this is a relevant and interesting amateur film that is worth give minutes of anyone’s time.

The plot may be forced and clunky, the twist obvious, but the camera work is great and the acting is nice. It’s a film that resonates with its premise as the credits roll.



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