Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Instant Reaction (2015)

A triumphant return to form as JJ Abrams’ cinematic flair fires us straight back into that Galaxy far, far away as if we never left.

I just wanted to write a very short paragraph as a spoiler free, instant reaction to JJ Abrams’ reboot of the franchise.

As a massive Star Wars fan, I was with the majority in being cautious about what JJ could offer us, but boy did he do well. The Force Awakens is a triumphant return to form for a franchise that lost its way. It’s a funny, nostalgic, and emotional trip that will have true fans on the edge of their seats whooping with delight, and in tears by its incredible end. While their are evidently some flaws, they can be overlooked by the fact that we have a Star Wars film to be proud of. When John Williams’ Star Wars Theme plays through the cinema, the hairs on the back of your neck will stand up!

In Daisy Ridley we have a heroine to rally around; in John Boyega we have raw talent that put his all into those massive boots and was absolutely phenomenal. Adam Driver does fantastically as the evil Kylo Ren, and Harrison Ford, well… CHEWIE WE’RE BACK. The beauty of the film really propels the franchise into modern cinema; I cannot wait for the next one.

In The Empire Strikes Back Yoda told us:


Try Not!

Do, or do not.

There is no try.’

Man did JJ and the cast take that on board.


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